Saturday, July 2, 2016

Q&A: Part One

yes, as u guys requested, i finally did the Q&A session on my instagram like abt a couple of days ago.
(actually its been more than a week WKS)
and as i promised before, i'll pick the most common questions and share the answer here with u all.

first of all... 
thanks for puttin' so much interest on me, and thanks for dat bunch of comments on my ig!
(yes for me dat quite a bunch)
and really sorry dat i couldnt make this Q&A session into a VLOG.
(i really want to make one but i just... dont hv time, im pretty sure.. writtin' all the answers thru my blog would be ez-er)

so yeah, lets get started!

#Q1: What camera did you use for your ig's feeds?
sometimes i use Canon 600D with common lens or Fujifilm X-A2 common lens.

i dont use any fancy thingy, and i feel enuff with dat kind of budget camera on my bag.
fyi.. i took all the pics on my ig with those digital cameras, i've never used iphone cam.
no reason, i just dont like it hehe.

#Q2: What effect did you use for your ig's feeds?
its all about your camera!
for canon 600D, im playing with the picture style inside the camera, i increase the sharpness and contrast, decrease the saturation a bit and also playing around with the color tone.
(im not a pro tho!)
for Fujifilm X-A2, i just simply use the SP or Smooth effect.
you: "wait, i did the same like u but my pics r not as bright as yours!"
i've never took a pic on the dark place or night time.
(even when i do take picture on night time, i'll make sure that i wont post it on my ig lol)
so yeah, i just took a pic on day time when the lighting is super bright!
and another complicated thingy... i prefer to take a pics in the place dat have a full cover white background or white spot. HAHA

for editing? i used the only one iPhone editing features.
(if u got an iphone, open ur camera roll and select one of the photo, then on the top right corner of the screen u can click "edit", then tadaaa u can edit ur pic now!)
as i mentioned before, i already set my camera, so i dont need to edit a lot more,
i just need to increase the shadow a little to make it a bit softer.
no need fancy thingy like photshop laaaaa, iphone's editing studio is enuff for me lol.
(ps: u can also increase the shadow on ig's editing features)


yes..... my super white instagram's feeds r made with a lot of effoorts!
(if u think its too bright n u dont like it, just.. dont see it yaaaaa!)

#Q3: Do you have a boyfriend?
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#Q4: Can you share us your daily make up?
SURE! yes im a kind of that girl that always keep my make up on.
im not that natural beauty girl tho.. i know that every girl is beautiful in her own special way, but i just feel more comfortable with my make up on. (being a girl with make up is not a sin)
so here we come! my daily make up!

Step 1: 3CE White Milk Cream

Step 2: April Skin #21 Black

Step 3: 3CE Full Cover Concealer #001

Step 4: Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

Step 5: 3CE Eye Brow Mascara #RedBrown

Step 6: 3CE Pink I'm Good Mascara

Step 7: Nature Republic By Flower Lipbalm and Etude Kissful Tint Chou Liptint

#Q5: Can you share us your skin care routine?
actually im using Erha Clinic Cream and Facial Wash (this is not an ad).
each person has different type of skin,
so i strongly recommend u to see a doctor for ur best skin care routine.

#Q6: Your hair is great, how come?
PS: my hair is extremely dry.
i use curly iron everyday. (dats why its a bit badayyyy wkwk)
im in the mid of take caring my hair right now.... wish me luck!

#Q7: DIET tips?
nahhhh! why? im struggling with myself right now yes this dam 49kg on my body z.
i didnt recommend u to do any diet program, but u can start to drink hot green tea from now on.
at least u can maintain ur weight by then.
(maybe.. or its just me?lol)

#Q8: How it feels to study in Singapore?
i posted it before so please do check this link below:

#Q9: KPOP?
 it started when i accidentally saw exo's mv on youtube, i think around 2013 (im a newbie).
  by then, i starting to like exo even more. wkwkwk
i spent a lot of time and money for exo thingy, but well they r great anw!
do i like any other group? yes but not as much as exo.
(case closed)
see my latest post about exo's concert here:

#Q10: You, right now.
i'm currently working at a private company in Jakarta.
if u hv my snapchat u probably alrdy know abt this.
(my snapchat: sweethellaxx)
will u continue ur study?
i think not for now, but maybe later if i have a chance :)

thanks for all of your questions.
i didnt have a chance to answer all but i've answered the most common one here :)
later on... i'll try to make a kind of vlog for u all.
so please do wait yaaaaaaa!

til next time :)

Monday, February 29, 2016


its been almost 2 years since i last saw exo's concert.
i miss them so much! (fangirlingmodeon)

okay so this year i was watchin exo's concert at ICE BSD, Indonesia.
(last time i watched Exo Planet #1 in Singapore) 
i thought watchin concert in Indonesia would be a bit crowd-y so i was so nervous at that time but well, i survived! haha

lucky me, i got such a nice position to watch the concert, near the stage!! (im so blessed, forever thankful)
and thats why..... i got a bunch of fancam on my phone. not that much but well... just see.. haha.


i've been spamming on my instagram's timeline abt the fancam, a few days ago.
so yeah now.. lemme share you the FULL VERSION one!!
happy watchin x

first one.... deng deng deng Eldorado! the second is suho focus and the third is chanyeol focus~



next is.. Don't Go! i got pretty much of jongin, sehun and chanyeol focus here!
you know... jongin was extremely cute here!!!!!


 and yeah say hello to chanyeol!
i spotted u lookin at my camera, oppa xP 



a lil' glance by uri beakhyun and solo dance by jongin!


finally baby DYOOOO is here with Lucky!
this is the super focus of kyungsoooooo aww
and another short clip of 3.6.5~~


now is Christmas Day and First Snow with dyoo focus (again) yayyy!
then u'll see chanyeol and xiumin on the fourth video~




this is my fav one OMG!
jongin is damn hot, also sehun, also xiumin, also suho........
hahahahahahaha this is a super focus of Machine.
oppa u r so close yet so far!

and this one a lil' dyooo again on Let Out the Beast and Run haha (he often came to my side along with kai and cy) but u can see baek focus on the third video!

the famoussssss one finally here, Growl and Love Me Right and Sing For You (jongin only)!
haaaa anw u look at my camera, baek oppa! omg!


and for the encore is Unfair..
sadly i couldnt record all of them since my phone's storage was alrdy full that time.
but they were really funny, indeed!
baek was wearing hello kitty glasses and blangkon, cy was wearing a pretty yellow kinda brown hat, jongin was wearing a super duper big glasses lol and they just sing a long to unfair while having fun with the fan's property~


last issss random one!
there are #chansoo #kaisoo #chansu moments and photo session one here.


 i didnt record all their songs tho (since i want to enjoy the show also wks)
but yeah just wanna share this one with you guys~
im totally grateful and cannot wait to meet them again on their next concert!

last but not least... refer to what i said before on instagram.
literally, kpop is just simply a music.
 like jazz, rock, ballad, reggae and so on, kpop is not much different.
no matter what genre it is, music is indeed music.
music is a piece of work and thats why we should appreciate it.
so...... nothing wrong with kpop, it just a matter of taste, everyone has different taste of music right?! and so do i.
so please be a wise person, and not judge kpop's fan as a freak one. 
we have our own choices of music xD
lets appreciate all the music, okay? :)

thanks for reading my post anw~ do leave some comments below x
c u later!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Europe: Brussels

my current mood?
HOLIDAY hahahaha
 so yeah! still abt my europe trip post~
now it's time for BRUSSELS!

u know right?!
those famous belgian chocolates and belgian waffles..
oh im so glad to be here!

yes craving.. SATISFIED.
okay so the waffles just sooooooo yummy!
its very chewy and the toppings on top just blend perfectly.
r u now craving for it? xP
okay so lets move on.

i just spent abt half of the day in brussels,
but well..
let's take a look!

and lets look around the city~~

still have a bunch of pics to post on my blog,
i'll post it later!

thanks for reading anw~
dont forget to see my another europe trip post!


have a nice day!

ps: yesterday i got exoluxionina's ticket! so, see you around hihi